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Hudson Tire Exchange is among the leading tire shops in Hackensack, NJ offering tires and many other services, including computerized alignment. When a vehicle is out of alignment, the affect can be compared to an athlete wearing two different running shoes. Driving can be more expensive or dangerous when the alignment is not positioned correctly.

When the alignment is not correctly positioned, the vehicle gas mileage decreases and stress is put on vehicle components. In addition, driving without proper alignment can be dangerous. The poor alignment can cause the vehicle to drift and cause an accident. If the tires wear unevenly, a blowout can occur, causing an accident or injury. When you invest in new Bridgestone tires in Paramus, NJ, ensuring that the alignment is correct will prevent damage to the tires.

When the alignment is right, the wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The alignment can be impacted by several factors, including damage resulting from a collision, driving over a pothole or grazing curbs. Correcting the alignment will make the tires last longer, make steering easier, improve gas mileage, and you will enjoy a smoother ride.

Some Indicators that Your Vehicle Needs Computerized Alignment

  • Caster – This is the angle of the steering pivot and, when it is out of alignment, the steering will feel loose or you may have difficulty when steering your car.
  • Camber – This is the angle of the wheel in a vertical direction. If it leans away from the car, you will feel pulling and the tires will wear unevenly.
  • Toe – When the wheels are pointed toward each other, this is known as toe in, and when they are turned to point away from each other, it is called toe out. When the angle is faulty, it causes excessive tire wear, which can become dangerous.

As one of the leading tire dealers in Paramus, NJ, we offer a wide range of services to extend the life of your Bridgestone tire in Hackensack, NJ, including computerized alignment. Please contact us for more information or to have your alignment checked by one of our experienced technicians.

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